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When taken together, this means that web access on mobile devices generates about half the traffic that is found through a traditional desktop environment. With more and more people surfing the web, connecting on social media and shopping online through their smartphones and tablets, it has become absolutely imperative that mobile phone affiliate networks enter into the discussion for any success Internet marketer.

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WOW TRK is dedicated to this growing trend and aims to empower its affiliates to tap into advertising on mobile phones and tablets. Mobile phone affiliate networks like WOW TRK play a major role in this growth, as vendors and advertisers are increasingly looking to mobile for customer acquisition. WOW TRK boasts hundreds of mobile-optimized affiliate offers that are applicable to many countries around the world and approach a broad range of industry verticals.

With any social media marketing, not just mobile, it is important to be visible and active on the platforms your customers use.

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And for many businesses, especially fashion and apparel retailers, the top platform is Instagram. There they can get more information and — more importantly — buy any of the products they are interested in. The potential is for you to generate higher conversions from your Instagram posts, without customers having to first search through your online store for something they saw on Instagram.


Click To Tweet. The survey was compiled using responses from 53, people across 31 countries and five continents. Unsurprisingly, the survey found that more than 90 percent of the survey participants report owning a mobile phone, with more than 80 percent owning a smartphone. The same survey reveals that more than a third of consumers use their mobile phones within five minutes of waking up, and nearly half of them use their mobile phones for one reason or another at night.

Of course, this is not permission for you to send them mobile marketing messages at any time but serves to illustrate just how important mobile phones have become to consumers.

And while it would be expected that most mobile phone owners use or check their phone at least once every day, more than 20 percent of users admit to using their mobile phone 50 or more times a day — roughly once every 20 minutes. If we bounce back to our desire to reach the right consumer, in the right place, and at the right time, no other marketing platform comes close to competing with mobile phones.

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More than 20 years have passed since the first text message was sent, and 18 years since the first use of text messaging for marketing purposes. But while many new channels for mobile marketing have emerged in that time, text messaging remains popular. An informal survey by Esendex at the start of found that more than 70 percent of respondents claim to read every text message they receive, with the highest rate in most countries being among users aged 18 to 34 years old.

Perhaps the top reason for all businesses to consider mobile marketing — aside from it being affordable, and therefore accessible to even small business owners — is the fact that it offers multiple channels for reaching your customers. One device, but more than one way to reach them and market to them. In addition to being able to send out marketing text messages, you can use a mobile app with push notifications, create a responsive website that is perfectly accessible on a website, benefit from local search, use email marketing, use social media platforms, and chat apps.

You are able to reach your customers wherever they are, and they — in turn — are able to reach you wherever they are. As with any marketing activity, mobile marketing begins with understanding your audience. However, you will need to do additional research to fill out each persona with:. How you share content and marketing messages via a mobile app — and push notifications — will be quite different to doing it via text messaging, or even through social media, email messages, and your website.

Your goals for mobile marketing need to feed into the goals for your business, but the primary goals for the business are achieved through smaller goals that are influenced by your marketing efforts. Your primary goal could be to grow sales by 6 percent, but to achieve that you may have identified that:. It is the smaller goals that you will link to your mobile marketing efforts, since by achieving them you will be closer to achieving your primary goals. And by linking your mobile marketing efforts to smaller goals, you are also in a better position to measure the success of them, and their influence on your primary goals.

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But when deciding what your goals for mobile marketing are going to be, you need to also consider what you already have in place:. Now, for each mobile marketing activity you already have in place, consider how well it is performing — is it achieving the results you wanted, and if so, are there opportunities to improve it?

Instead focus first on establishing if they are the right activities and goals for your business and audience, and then working on them so that they do deliver the results you want. But in a digital world there are many different key performance indicators KPIs to consider and trying to track all of them is not an option for small businesses.

The previous point had you setting goals for your mobile marketing activities, and these will decide which KPIs you track. Primary KPIs would frequently include the following:. These are just the most obvious KPIs you should be monitoring, but you would need to research other mobile marketing KPIs to identify other metrics you believe you should be monitoring, which will vary according to your industry, and the mobile marketing activities you are using. Once you have researched your audience, established the mobile marketing activities you are going to focus on, established goals for each of the mobile marketing channels or activities you are going to follow, and decided on the KPIs you are going to use for each, you need to finally implement your strategy, measure its impact on your business, and continuously optimise it.

Together with the increasing usage of smartphones, the travel of mobile marketing evolve into advance strategies from simple ones. One of them is mobile affiliate marketing.

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In short, it is performance-based marketing. So, the broad definition would be the process of using offers and tools to target mobile users via affiliate channel. Basically, you can make money by sending traffic or lead to relevant offers. But, you need to take several steps for reaching this target. It would be better to tell in advance that it could take months to build your own launch and optimization system for a source. So, be patient!

The things you should do are;.

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Like any marketing strategy, it has several pros and cons, or benefits and burdens. Massive Growth. Mobile devices account for the half of organic search engines traffic approximately. Growing mobile population makes it preferable and profitable for you.

Lower Competition.