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Jaba -infused coconut oil: This recipe is my take on the flower-infused oil.

Flower Power: 8 Magical Flowers for Your Skin, Hair and Body

In one cup of coconut oil, add one cup of fresh jaba buds and store it in a transparent jar. Keep it in sunlight for 4—5 weeks, stirring the contents once a day. Then strain the oil and store it in a dark bottle.

You may add a few drops of rosemary and ginger essential oils if you wish. Take a teaspoon of this oil and massage it on to the scalp, spreading it across the lengths. Keep it on for twenty minutes and then shampoo as usual. This quintessential India flower is popularly known as geinda and is known for its ability to fight acne, deep-clean skin pores and brighten complexion.

It also adds shine and health to your hair. Massage this on damp skin for ten minutes and then shower. The humble aprajita blue peony flower has suddenly come into the limelight and is being considered as an exotic bloom. Traditionally offered to Goddess Kali, this flower is found in abundance near temples in Kolkata.

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So, not so exotic for me. It is often used in Ayurvedic treatments for its cooling effect on the circulatory and nervous systems.


Aprajita and black tea hair dye: To give your hair a deep indigo glow, make a strong cup of liquor with black tea leaves 2 tbsp. Simmer for ten minutes. Let it cool and then run it through a food processor to get a smooth paste. Apply it on your hair, starting from the roots and carefully going down to the tips. Leave it on for forty-five minutes. Rinse off and shampoo as usual. This versatile Indian flower has several beauty benefits. Lotus and coconut face oil: In a ml transparent glass jar, infuse coconut oil you can use jojoba, olive or avocado oil, or a blend of all these oils, as well with a cup of fresh lotus petals.

Let it rest for 4—6 weeks.

Keep it in the sunlight every day and shake it up once a day. After the resting period, strain out the oil and add 2—4 drops of blue lotus essential oil. You can use it as a face massage oil. Touted now as one of the most healing and nourishing oils, calendula has for ages been used for its curative properties.

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Sangeeta Jain, co-founder, RAS Luxury Oils , who works extensively with calendula, points out that this flower has been used in several homoeopathic preparations. According to Jain, calendula oil is so gentle and conditioning that it can also be used to massage newborn babies. I use it in various Acne, Rosacea and Atopic Eczema formulas because it treats stubborn skin conditions that keep resurfacing due to latent heat trapped in the skin.

The result is that your skin stops producing red lesions and begins to recover.

Skin Flowers

Ye Ju Hua is the wild Chrysanthemum. It is one of the best ingredients for skin conditions where fluid develops under the skin as in some cases of Impetigo, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Cystic Acne and Pompholyx Eczema. This flower is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and it can also reduce itching. Once employed, it does a great job of eliminating the fluid which gives the skin a chance to return to normal. Ji Guan Hua is better known as the Cockscomb Flower.

Believe it or not, it actually can STOP internal bleeding. It can also be used when there are signs of telangiesctasia or broken blood vessels on the face as in Rosacea. As such, it earns its place in the Top 5 Flowers list. Hong Hua is the safflower. Herbalists use this flower whenever there is a need to move or better circulate blood flow in an area where things may have gotten stuck or even, abandoned.

If you notice your skin has dark purple spots Lichen Planus or no pigment Vitiligo or is pooling blood Stasis Eczema or even, missing hair Alopecia Areata ; chances are good that Hong Hua will be used in your formula to re-stimulate areas that have stagnated and are in need of the nutrients supplied by blood.

Fresh Start to Facial Care

Mei Gua Hua often stars in potpourri and is better known as rosebuds. It can actually disperse premenstrual pain or the stifling sensation in your chest or the feeling of distension in your tummy. In fact, it can even help to reinvigorate your blood after a trauma. Because it is so powerful, it rarely plays a direct role in dermatology.